Youth entrepreneurs programs


Do you know someone aged between 18-22 who is searching for the best program NOR to motivate, engage and mentor them through the process of their future opportunities?

Is Uni / TAFE not an option or interest? We have some of the most innovative and interactive programs for our young community. 

6-12 months with the outcome of  their own Start-up Business and; an option to obtain a 

Cert 3 in Micro Business.

Why are our Programs different?

We are committed by encouraging Innovation and Impact; in collaboration with  accredited course providers & facilitators; whilst offering ongoing & crucial mentoring. 

We have specifically designed programs that  are relatable to our specific audience. We encourage both face to face and online and our approach to learning is that of self evaluation & accountability and; collaboration.

Its interesting, dynamic, innovative and community focused and it is giving the youth of our community the opportunity to look at options outside of mainstream that will equip them with life skills, a purpose, a drive to succeed and and introduction to innovation and future job opportunities.

Download a flyer today and contact Co Hub for more information!