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At Co-Hub we intend to bring you, our community, the very best in workshops, seminars and programmes - all designed to give you additional insights, inspiration and skills to help realise your goals. There will be a curriculum which repeats every six weeks, from the basics of proving a concept for commercialisation, to developing your skills as a world-class leader.

We'll also be searching for great speakers across a broad range of topics to present to you every month. 

See below for our current offering - and please check back every now and then - the list will grow!

The Entrepreneur Mindset


Making the move from 'hobbyist' or employee to that of the self-employed business owner and entrepreneur requires a different mindset - very dependant on self-belief and resilience. In this insightful 2-hour workshop you will learn about the character-traits needed to make and sustain the leap - and how to build them in yourself. 

Your investment - $180 plus GST

From Concept to Business


It's been said that each of us has at least one brilliant idea a year, which if implemented would turn us into successful entrepreneurs. Only 5% however, are estimated to follow through and realise that potential. This thought-provoking ½-day workshop will encourage you to test the business-ideas you have and determine if there really is a market for them. You'll come away with a greater sense of conviction and determination.

Your investment - $225 plus GST

From Strategy to Execution


One of the greatest challenges would-be entrepreneurs face in transitioning their passionate commitment and ideas into a going concern is 'execution'. The old adage of "If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail" rings truest here. This ½-day workshop will see you building a strong plan of execution. Your assumptions will be challenged - you'll be made to think about all of the potholes and road-blocks that will get in your way - you''ll think about timing & resources. By the end you'll have an actionable, realistic Plan on a Page to execute.

Your Investment - $225 plus GST

Fundamentals of Business Finances


Few who are venturing into their first business are experts in financial aspects of running their business. But without the fundamentals in place you're courting sure disaster. The Fundamentals of Business Finances covers, over ½-a-day, topics such as sole-trader vs. incorporation | ABN, GST & ATO | pricing | debtor management | creditors | cost control | cash flow | compliance | accounting | cost of labour etc. You'll leave better informed and equipped to manage your business' finances.

Your investment - $280 plus GST

Structuring Your Business


A time soon comes in every business where there's a need for systems, structure, processes and procedures. To quote Ray Kroc - founder of McDonalds "Got a problem? Make it a procedure and it won't be a problem any more." The ½-day Structuring Your Business workshop gives insights and guidance on areas such as roles & responsibilities | repetitive tasks | organisational structure | developing policies & procedures | establishing accountability systems etc.

Your investment - $280 plus GST

Structuring Sales


Products and services have absolutely no value unless they are being bought and paid for. And that means that the sales side of your business needs its own structure. In the 1-day Structuring Sales workshop you'll give considered thought to the right product mix | the best customer mix | lead generation | lead qualification | lead conversion | developing lead momentum | building accurate sales forecasts | customer fulfilment | customer service | warranties | life-time-customer value. You'll come away with clarity around where you need to focus and develop systems etc.

Your investment - $280 plus GST

Managing People & Performance


Many businesses outgrow their founders and become increasingly dependant on the conduct and performance of employees. In this 1-day workshop you will learn the 7 fundamentals of the Australian workplace culture | the 6 stages of employee development | the 6 management styles you need to get good at | how to clearly task team-members | how to deal effectively with sub-standard performance and/or behaviour. You will leave this workshop energised to be a great people manager!

Your investment - $599 plus GST

Recruiting for High-Performance


The greatest challenge of every business-owner in growth mode is to attract, select and recruit the best possible people for the roles in their business. And the truth is, the traditional methods of 'recruitment' are fundamentally flawed. In this ½-day workshop you'll learn how to build recruitment ad's that attract the best | why interviewing potential hires is the greatest waste of your time | how to test for 'will do' not just 'can do' | how to increase the likelihood of recruiting a star by up to 300%!

Your investment - $249 plus GST

The Healthy Ego



B2B Sales Skills


Most business-owners tend to be very good at what their business does - 'technicians' or subject-matter-experts. Few are particularly good at selling. The 1-day B2B Sales Skills workshop will equip owners with the skills, knowledge and processes for effectively selling in the business-to-business environment. You'll learn why 'telling isn't selling' | the 4 most powerful questions you can ask a prospect to have them wanting to buy from you | how to prevent prospects ever having objections | how to gain commitment to your proposition without being 'pushy'. You'll leave this energetic workshop genuinely more confident that 'selling' isn't a dirty word!

Your investment - $599 plus GST

B2C Sales Skills



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