Dear successful business owner...

· Have you thought about your Business Corporate Responsibility commitment for 2019?

· Did you know that we live in a community consumed by Social Change requirements? Drugs, homelessness, youth challenges, domestic violence, mental health, environmental decay etc..

· Did you know that over 58% of our High School graduates, in our community, don’t go onto University or further education?

· Did you know that there are youth struggling every day to find a connection, commitment and passion towards what they are going to do in the future?

· Did you know that unemployment and no post school direction forms the largest cause behind the mental health issues of our youth today?

· Did you know that the Future Jobs of this world will start in as little as 10 years’ time and Australia is already 5 years behind the rest of the world?

Co-Hub Perth was formed in the heart of this community to offer the solution we need towards entrepreneurship, small business and innovation. Never have we seen an incubator in our area before and the reason behind that is that they have never had the courage to think it will satisfy a purpose. Well we are here to prove them wrong. 

Our youth and adults of this community deserve a space, designed programs and dedicated mentors; to encourage the new age development of what this future holds for innovative ideas and services that generate Social Change and Impact.

Recent studies show (clearly) that we need to make a change ASAP about how we design, develop and implement the future learning pathway(s) for all generations. We need to be creative, innovative, impactful and affordable so that all can access.

As an incubator we have spent the last 4-6 months designing what we deem one of the best Entrepreneur programs there is on offer. Combined with direct recognition from the Department of Industry and Innovation with recent grants and funding we have received to roll out and implement our programs, in 2019.

The programs will run across 3 core groups. One being those aged between 18 – 24 years of age. Giving access to a dedicated program that will allow the participants to access knowledge, hands on experience, life skills, the formation of an actual businesses and long term mentoring to make a long term impact. 

We are now searching local businesses who will consider becoming a corporate sponsor. Each sponsor will sponsor one participant to officially be enrolled in the 12 month program.

Please refer to the 2 downloads below and contact Co Hub for more information. Help us make Brighter Futures.. starting today.